Quality Ingredients & Standard Technologies

At Martinni labs, we use highest quality ingredients and industry standard technologies to create outstanding products. During product formulation, our chemist gathers information from the product brief to fully understand your product concept, purpose and benefits of your custom formulation.

Product Development Cycle

  1. After signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and R&D Contract, customer may submit the Product Profile Form outlining the product concept, purpose, benefits and prototype when available with as much detail information as possible.
  2. Once the Product Profile is submitted, our lab reviews it to understand the full product concept, packaging requirements, specific raw materials, etc.
  3. Approximately 6 weeks after the product brief is submitted, first round of samples will be available for testing. Up to three rounds of product revisions are provided, beyond which, there will be a fee.
  4. Select the type and design of primary and secondary packaging. In addition, select the type of natural fragrance or essential oil desired with fragrance level if any, such as, Hint, mild, medium or high.
  5. Once product is approved, we will do required testing such as product stability, stability in final packaging (if necessary), PET/MLT, HRIPT, etc.
  6. Upon all testing are complete, a quote will be provided, which after approval and payment made as agreed, the production begins.
  7. Manufactured products are then filled, boxed, packed and shipped to the customer.
  1. After signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), customer may submit the list of interested items for private labelling.
  2. Once the items are selected, a quote will be provided including the MOQ.
  3. Purchase agreement and terms are signed.
  4. Customer provides the artwork and logo for the label design. Customer also have an option to create their own label and send it to Martinni.
  5. Upon approving the design and payments made as agreed, products are labelled, packed and shipped to the customer.