Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card payment same as paying by a check or wire transfer payment?

No, If a credit card payment is made to pay for sample products or services, a three percent (3%) fee will be added to the total cost of the order.

What is the process for product payment?

Customer shall pre-pay for all orders of Product as follows: Fifty percent (50%) at the time of Martinni’s acceptance of the purchase order, and fifty percent (50%) prior to Martinni’s delivery of the order.

How many production rounds are included in the product development process?

Martinni Labs provides 3 rounds on all ODM projects. Any additional requests for formula enhancements is $300/hour.

How many rounds of revisions are allowed for the label design?

Martinni Labs provides 3 rounds of revisions.

How are the r&d services invoiced?

The R&D services are invoiced and must be paid prior to any production begining. For more details please check the research and development contract.

Are CBD product(s) available?

Yes, CBD is only available for the US manufactured mask and skincare.

Can customer return without authorization?

Any returns without prior written authorization by Martinni are subject to no credit of any kind.

What are the required tests for the finished product?

The required tests are : PET/MLT, HRIPT, Stability and Compatibility.

What is the PET test? How long does it take?

The preservative efficacy test is a laboratory test that determines the level of antimicrobial activity of a product and to evaluate how well a product withstands microbial contamination during use. This is a 2-week process. All test are paid by a customer.

What is the MLT test? How long does it take?

A microbial test is a laboratory test that checks for the presence of microorganisms in a sample provided to the laboratory. Such testing is used for product safety, to look for signs of contamination in product that will be sold to the public, and for lab control, to confirm that the products and equipment being used in a lab are not contaminated with microorganisms. This is a 2-week process. All test are paid by a customer.

What is the HRIPT test? How long does it take?

The acronym “HRIPT” or “RIPT” means “Human Repeat Insult Patch Test” or “Repeat Insult Patch Test.” It is a clinical study or clinical trial, meaning a scientific experiments being performed on human subjects sometimes called volunteers (or testers of cosmetics and topical products). The HRIPT testing is a method commonly used in the industry to determine the potential for irritation, sensitization and allergic contact of a product. All test are paid by a customer.

What is the stability test? How long does it take?

Cosmetic stability testing is a study run to determine whether your product will last on store shelves and on your consumers bathroom counter. Stability testing is an important quality test that you need to run in order to sell your products in the US. It is also useful to ensure that when people do buy your product they won’t be dissatisfied with a foul odor, ugly color, or separated formula. This is a 3-month and 6-month process. All test are paid by a customer.

What is the compatibility test? How long does it take?

When testing a cosmetic or personal care product for shelf-life and stability, packaging is a major factor that should be taken into consideration. While the product itself may have a relatively stable shelf-life when tested in glass or another temporary package, the same stability may not be observed in the product’s final packaging. It is important to run stability testing in the packaging intended for marketing due to interactions that may occur between the package, the product, and the environment. Glass, being the least reactive material, does not react with cosmetic products in any way. Therefore, package compatibility testing in both the product’s final packaging and in glass to determine if the cause of product spoilage is due to the formula itself, or if the package is having advers affects on the formula. This is a 3-month and 6-month process. All test are paid by a customer.

What is the time frame to receive the first round samples?

Approximately 6-weeks _Contingent to the ingredient(s).

What is the full time frame to produce the products?

Due to the many approaches to developing products it’s difficult to provide a specific timeframe. Once the product development process is complete a timeline can be provided specific to that product.

When is the quote for the full project provided?

Once all ingredient list, product formulations and packaging configurations are finalized and approved, a quote will be provided.

How much is the shipping fee?

Shipping fees are contingent on the weight and delivery location and will be communicated.

Pre-sale questions?

Do you have any pre-sale or project related question? Please check our list of FAQ’s to see if your question has already been answered. In this section, you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about product development. For any question not listed, please contact us.

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