Our Philosophy

Beauty starts from within. The Martinni philosophy of beauty encompasses your health and wellness, your community, all living beings, and our planet. Extending this philosophy to our products, our formulations are developed with care and integrity; being plant based when possible, non-toxic, and cruelty free without depleting natural resources or harming the environment. Revealing your inner and outer beauty- our products pamper your skin, indulge your senses, and nurture your soul.



We work with our clients to bring to life their dream product concepts through our team of incredibly knowledgeable, specialized professionals.


We are a multinational and diversified beauty company operating multiple brands in multiple channels including, but not limited to spa/salon professional, prestige retail and product manufacturing. Synonymous with ‘Beauty Inside and out’, Martinni is a global leader in skin care, manufacturing and more.


Developed with integrity and care without harming the environment, our line of masks, skincare, and hair products are curated by our expert product development team. You can expect superiority in benefits and performance.

What We Offer?

Below are the highlights of some of our capabilities.
We also owns multiple brands operating in multiple channels from professional to prestige retail.

Product Development

The success of Martinni labs is when we are able to exceed your expectation by developing outstanding product using the highest quality ingredients and advanced lab facilities, which we take pride in.

Product Branding

Each of our house formulation exceeds the quality and results you expect. They are developed by our team of highly knowledgeable experts using our high tech manufacturing process.


You’ve got a great product but need to ensure manufacturing can address all your needs. Our expert team can produce high quality goods using the latest technology in industry standard equipment.


Your dream product has come to life. Now, you want packaging that is attractive and up to your brand standard. We have the resources to deliver a beautiful line of product packaging that meets your standards and current market trends.


Martinni Labs is capable of developing CBD skin care and hair care products, that are scientifically formulated and developed. Our CBD products contain the most potent full-spectrum CBD oil, which help heal and improve your skin and hair with every use.

Professional Products

At Martinni Labs, we also formulate professional treatment products that are utilized by licensed aestheticians and doctors in salon and offices.