Great product needs a manufacturer that can address all your needs.

Martinni is capable of manufacturing high quality products using our latest technology and industry standard equipment. A major stepping stone in manufacturing your dream skincare products is choosing the right manufacturer to do it, but once you have connected with Martinni labs, it will be an easy decision. We utilize a systematic approach throughout the process to optimize the workflow and minimize waste. We ensure that our team is high trained and we do employ the industry standard technological equipment to produce advanced and high quality products that meet your requirements. Every step of our production process including mixing, filling, packaging, labelling, sealing and shipping is carefully analyzed for maximum efficiency. Hence, we are able to manufacture outstanding quality products at the best price possible.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We have the capability of manufacturing our products in California, USA or in Asia depending on the customers’ choice, cost and ingredients used in the formulation.

We ensure that each manufacturing process including formulation, production, and post-production adhere to all GMP standards. We also employ strict quality control measures to make sure all products meet our quality standards.

Martinni labs also believes in being cruelty free. We NEVER tests our products on animals.


Once the product manufacturing has started, we will guide you through our packaging options. We have a complete line of primary and secondary packaging options to match your brand and product standard. After few questions regarding your brand, vision and budget, we will help you pick a variety of packaging options to create a solid and inspiring look. If you have specific packaging requirement, we will try to source it if possible.

We will also guide you on any secondary packaging options such as box packaging, product slip, etc. Packaging cost varies on their type, material, print color, etc.

Production Equipments

We utilize the latest technology and industry standard equipment to ensure the best quality products to meet our standards. Our manufacturing facility is staffed by educated and dedicated group of specialists and incredibly knowledgeable team.

First, the formulas are mixed in our high tech stainless steel mixers, which are capable of doing both hot and cold mixes as well as accommodating varieties of formulations, viscosities and particle sizes.

After that, our highly equipped lines of semi-automatic and automatic fillers, cappers and sealers process the mixed formulas on either our lines of jar, mask pouch containing pre-cut mask sheet, bottle or tube. Products in jar & bottle lines are then filled and capped, while those on the tube and pouch lines are filled and sealed using heated and ultra-sonic equipment.

All filled products go to the labelling unit where our extensive assortment of labelers labels the products. Once labeled, they are coded with batch numbers and manufactured dates using our advanced inkjet and laser coders. Finally, we use heated sealing equipment to safety seal and shrink-wrap the products, which are then delivered to shipping.